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The Veiled Virgin

A New Book by Ada Grossi

Titolo Libro

Little Historians Grow Up

Ada Grossi (architect, historian and palaeographer) graduated in 1995 and got her doctorate in 1999.
After authoring research papers and monographs for years, she felt that some of those intriguing, promising stories she discovered in archives and libraries definitely deserved to be told: so she decided to devote herself to fiction.
Because writing a novel is like playing a game of connect the dots, after all…
Ada lives in Italy with her husband and their daughter. She keeps on researching and writing.

The Veiled Virgin. Hell at Midnight 

The night before leaving Israel and going back to the US, young papyrologist Sandra receives the visit of a stranger telling her that an evil sect wants to get hold of some secret Qumran manuscripts. Right after saying something about a plan to deliver the world into the Devil’s hands, the man disappears: the morning after, all Jerusalem newspapers show his picture, reporting him murdered.
Back in New York, while trying to figure out the story she’s involuntarily gotten involved in, Sandra meets Simon, an attractive Art History professor. Baffling coincidences are suddenly revealed: the past of Sandra’s family is somehow connected to a fascinating nineteenth-century marble statue and to the enigmatic diary written by its Italian sculptor.
But very soon Sandra is called back to harsh reality: the sect’s members are on her trail. The few clues that the stranger left her before being killed, the alleged Satanists’ purpose and the highly-confidential project on the Dead Sea Scrolls Sandra is working on, are combined into a mysterious riddle.
And she now knows her life is in grave danger.
Even though the sect’s obscure logic seems impossible to decipher, she has to act: in a breathless race against time, Sandra and Simon go to Israel, right into the dragon’s lair.
One by one, the pieces of the tangled puzzle begin falling into place: a secret hideout, ancient scrolls of the utmost importance, the temptation of an arcane and devious knowledge, a noviciate dropout interested in angels and demons.
Constantly pursued by the sectarians, Sandra and Simon’s stories are soon to intermingle with those of two major scholars of the Bible: a New York Rabbi who is studying an ancient Hebrew version of the Gospel and an old German Jesuit priest who knows too much.

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